Lenten Luncheons - 2018
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11:50am to 1:00pm, every Wednesday during Lent.
Fellowship Hall, Asbury UMC, 220 W Horatio Ave, Maitland.

Theme - None this year.  Each speaker asked to share their thoughts.

February 14

Speaker: Scott Harris
Message: "When we Wander from the Straight Path"
Scripture: Psalm 51
Hostess: Kathy Peck
Music Coordinator: Steve Peck - "Holy Spirit" by Joanna Gill
Food Preparation: Mel Frye
Imposition of the Ashes: Barbara W Riddle

Pastor Scott

February 21

Speaker:  Charles Row
Message:  "What Would It Take?"
Luke 24:36-45
Phyllis Klock
Terri Ikemeier
Food Preparation:
Mel Frye

Charles Row

February 28

Speaker: Verta Sorensen
Message: "
It's All About Me"
:  Jeanne Farmer
Music: "Two Sharps and a Flat"
Food Preparation
: Dianna Bates

Verta from a distance

March 7

Speaker: Tom Moore
Message: "
When You Reach Fourth and Goal, What Will Be Your Last Play?"
Scripture: Psalm 23
Host: John Berry, Jr
Music: Bob Showalter
Food Preparation: Dianna Bates

MikeMarch 14

Speakers: Mike Luzinski and Madeline Luzinski
"Shattered and Healed"
Luke 8:43-48
Nikki Alvarez

Jimmy Paton
Food Preparation:
Dianna Bates


March 21

Speaker: Jake Burton
"In The Silence"
Hostess: Kendra Roark
Music: Joanna Gill
Food Preparation: Mel Frye & Camille Piering


March 28

Speaker: Marti Pieper
Peace Out: Jesus' Enduring Gift"
Scripture: John 14:27
Tom Pieper
Mark Looney
Food Preparation:
UMW (Cyd Frank, Pres)
- Typical Meal at the time of Christ


Backup Speaker

Shawn Klein

Shawn Klein


Scott Harris - February 14
Charles Row - February 21
Verta Sorensen - February 28
Tom Moore - March 7
Mike & Madeline Luzinski - March 14
Jake Burton- March 21
Marti Pieper - March 28

Shawn Klein - Backup

Host / Hostess:

Kathy Peck - February 14
Phyllis Klock - February 21
Jeanne Farmer - February 28
John Berry, Jr - March 7
Nikki Alverez - March 14
Kindra Roark - March 21
Tom Pieper - March 28

Music Coordinators:

Steve Peck - February 14
   Terri Ikemeier - February 21
   Two Sharps and a Flat - February 28
   Bob Showalter - March 7
   Jimmy Paton - March 14
   Joanna Gill - March 21
   Mark Looney- March 28

Table & Flower Coordinators:

Maxine Bartz, Bea Smith, Shirley Ashley


John Folsom, Dennis Stevenson, Kitty Kovic


 Mel Frye - Feb 14 & 21
     Dianna Bates - Feb 28 & Mar 7 & 14
     Mel Frye & Camille Piering - Mar 21
     UMW - Mar 28

Office Help:

Wanda Brown, Janell Maxwell, Cyndi Johnson

Support guys:

Bob Burkhart, Marshall Dancy, Chuck Burt

Fellowship Hall set-up:

Nate Thompson

Ash Wednesday Preparations:

Barbara W Riddle - Imposition of the ashes
Jack Frye - Ashes

2018 Speakers Lent History of Luncheons

Revised:  March 29, 2018

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